Barrie Barista en het einde der tijden

Flip van der Kuil & Stephan Miras

Flip van der Kuil

Maarten Swart, Flip van der Kuil

Henry van Loon, Theo Maassen, Gijs Naber, Elise Schaap, Mert Ugurdiken, Yannick van de Velde, Tom van Kalmthout, Ruben van der Meer, Steef Cuijpers, Loes Schnepper, Jelka van Houten, Ilse Warringa, Pieter Bouwman, Sezgin Güleç, Susan Radder, Huub Smit

While the world is literally on fire, Barrie tries everything he can to keep his coffee bar open. Barrie is convinced that a good cup of coffee can improve any situation, but Barrie’s customers have their priorities totally wrong during the Apocalypse, making Barrie’s good intentions and optimism fail miserably.


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